educate to eradicate child poverty

The Vision



To change the waychildren think about money. By creating a viral learning epidemic withbooks & games that inspire & empower children to think about the ‘ 13 habits’ that lead to financial literacy.



We can inspire children to “dream” and give them the 13 Habits that will enable them to fulfill their dreams.



Share 100,000 FREE digital copies of the Tale of Tortoise Buffett, by 10 August 2015.

Raise $33 Million to start a viral literacy learning epidemic, by 10 August 2020.

Share 1 Million FREE physical action + work books and games with N Z school students by 10 August 2020

Create a tipping point, and thereby breaking the cycle of poverty in New Zealand by 10 August 2025

Empower 100 Million by sharing FREE financial literacy stories and games with 100 Million students and teachers, by 10 August 2025.


Learning intentions of our integrated curriculum:

1.       Habits of Mind that lead to Financial literacy

2.       Reading comprehension

3.       Mathematics


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