To disrupt the cycle of poverty using the 13 Habits inspired by Warren Buffett: Engage and energize our children living in poverty to develop successful habits that will resonate through life experience by using creative storytelling, visual imagery and interactive experiences.

Mission that children living in poverty:

  1. Will understand the power of habit.
  2. Will be able to manifest their ideals. 
  3. Will dream and take moonshots.

“the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” Warren Buffett


Share 1 Million physical books + journals with students by 10 August 2020


Break the cycle of poverty.


To create a tipping point in the understanding of the ‘power of habit’ by sharing stories, journals, apps and games, with a 100 Million students and teachers by 10 August 2025.

Success for Students Charitable Trust:

Date of Incorporation: 1st of September 2008

Cert of Incorporation: 2168944

Charities Commission No: CC39027

Physical Address:   57 Clyde Street, Whangarei, 0140

Postal Address: P O Box 627, Whangarei, 0140

ASB Bank Kamo, Whangarei: 12  3093  0273924  00

Trustee: Steve Bennett

Phone:   09 438 2312




Garth H McKenzie – Retired Salvation Army Commissioner

I commend the vision of the Success for Students Charitable Trust and the consistent hard work Lucas Remmerswaal is doing to bring the vision to reality. The goal to give away 1,000,000 interactive financial literacy workbooks by 2020 to raise awareness for and improve financial literacy skills of students in New Zealand is a worthy goal. The laying of appropriate foundational behaviors , habits and attitudes empowering students to manage their finances more effectively is a very important life skill which impacts not only making wise financial choices but also builds sound habits  of responsibility and stewardship  for everyday living. The books already produced are of an appealing standard, colourful, well written and illustrated.  Lucas himself brings an open committed spirit to this goal which is refreshing and inspiring.


John Hattie – Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

I like the work Lucas is doing, where he is looking at the Habits. These habits are more than Financial Literacy. I think Lucas is onto a winner, he has got a great idea, he has got some of the most stunning artwork, and he has a story, and he also has the skill to tell a story, and there is nothing better than a storyteller. It is a winner!

For many children (and adults), money is something to be “spent” rather than a form of barter or investment.  The ability and skills to understand financial literacy can be developed at an early age and the most powerful message of this story is about the habits that led to a deeper understanding about money.  The choice of Warren Buffett as the focus of the story helps underline the importance of decency, learning, and communication – and the 13 habits can relate to so much more than understanding money. The story is about a child growing up to become one of our most successful innovators in investment based on decent principles, attention to effort, and love of learning – an illustration of the key parts of lifelong learning in action. The message is it is NOT about the money, but about behaviours, attitudes, and thought processes that relate to the resources around us – money, the planet, home, friends and so on. 

These “big and rich” habits can be understood by even the youngest of children, as Lucas has demonstrated via various focus groups with five year olds.  To see them afire with ideas and questions after hearing the story, to see them inspired by the art work that invokes many more stories, and to see them make connections to their lives – these are the art of a true storyteller.

Go for it Lucas – and delighted to keep supporting in many little ways.


John Smith – (Retired Principal) Kamo Intermediate School

Financial Literacy does not get taught in schools. The resources are not there. We all know that financial literacy is needed but that an issue is getting  those involved with education to give it the value it deserves within the 'hurly-burly' of the school curriculum - real and hidden! With the Govt. narrowing the curriculum, and make no mistake that is what is happening even if it is denied by the spin doctors within the M.O.E. and Govt., schools are reluctant to give more than just lip service to the need for Financial literacy to be taught in any meaningful way. However by 'inundating ' the schools through Duffy Books and other mass means schools will be awakened to the possibilities and perhaps the need.


John Cook PhD – Organisational Sense Making

I have known Lucas for several years and his energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise for making finance and investment simple for all ages is now becoming a legend. His 13 habits is a must read for all ages and I highly recommend it. I have been impressed with Lucas' understanding of finance and his ability to make simple and appeal to children of all ages. Financial literacy is so important that it must start early. His books for children are a delight to read with a high degree of background research, marketing and design.


Brian Gaynor – Executive Director Milford Asset Management

Lucas is getting across some very important messages. You have to earn the money first before you can spend it, rather than borrow it. I would endorse it very strongly. I like the idea of habits, and disciplines, because the habits will generally stand the test of time. The best way to do this is in an attractive format and this certainly seems to achieve it.


Milton Jennings – CEO Fidelity Life

Lucas has shown great devotion to write these books and improve the financial literacy of New Zealanders. He must be admired for his commitment to the cause and the energy he has brought to the project. It is a big journey, and you have got to start somewhere, so Lucas has the start of a concept, so we thought it was worth getting behind and supporting.


Nevil Gibson – Editor in Chief, The National Business Review

I believe this initiative is a game changer for economic literacy in New Zealand and will help prevent future generations suffer from another catastrophe in which so many lost their life savings through unwise investments. The Buffett philosophy is well proven and provides sound habits for a lifetime.


Jenny Shipley – New Zealand’s first woman Prime Minister

How kind of you to send the books to me. I’ve read both of them and think they are terrific.  How refreshing to have a children’s story told in the context of the real world, that is, that business, commerce, effort, investment and talent and resources makes the power of difference for everyone, including littlies.  You can be assured that my children and grandchildren will be aware of them, and I congratulate you for both your skill and intent in producing such wonderful illustrative and illuminating children’s literature. With my respect and warm regards,


Sir Eion Edgar – Chairman Forsyth Barr

As a strong believer in “financial literacy” I commend Lucas and his team for furthering this ideal.


Gwendolyn Needham – Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional

Lucas has limitless passion and energy for a better future for all children, and society, based on learning and understanding money know-how, from an early age. He engages with little ones in real and exciting ways. All ages will learn from his '13 habits’ books. His huge vision and strategies deserve attention by policy-makers at the highest level.


Nick Hindson – Director at Market Share International Limited

Lucas is a vivacious, enthusiastic and inspiring thought leader and author who is seriously committed to making a real difference in the world for those wanting and needing to learn more about managing money and financial matters. His dedication to improving financial literacy is unquestionable. He is a true hero of our time.

Theresa Sjoquist – Author/Researcher at Theresa Sjoquist

Lucas has the power to enthuse, anyone and everyone, and he's a stickler for the detail. He does not recognise obstacles.


Dr Russell Wills – Children's Commissioner

"Work hard, save 10% and invest your savings wisely" - Isn't it about time someone wrote a book about the basics of financial literacy for kids? Lucas Remmerswaal’s books have done just this and they're great!  


Doris Buffett – Older sister of Warren Buffett

The books I am looking at are enchanting; they are clever, they are colorful. They would draw any child’s attention. We do a lot of work with prisoners, in large maximum security prisons, one of the biggest problems, are ignorance with money. They bridge it between being cutesy and being too hard to understand. A very important problem how understand money. I am always talking to people about compound interest and nobody seems to understand that at all.

I want some of them for myself!


Tony Nicely – Chairman & CEO GEICO an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

The-tale-Tortoise- Buffett- Inspired is a great way for youngsters to begin think about investing. Lucas’s way of telling the story makes it easy and understandable for all ages. The best investors begin at youth and find it fun. This is a fun book.  


Dionne Waldron Operation HOPE Program Manager

Lucas Remmerswaal- author of "The A-Z of 13 Habits" came to Baltimore and joined me to educate the youth @ Empowerment Academy in Baltimore City. He read his book with the students. This book is very engaging and colorful; it will keep the kids attention while teaching them importance of habits money and patience. I enjoyed the book myself- it reinforced what I've been teaching to the youth with Operation HOPE's Banking on Our Future program.

It was truly a pleasure working with Lucas Remmerswaal and I hope to see him in Baltimore again very soon. Empowering one student at a time, with HOPE


Umar Hameed – NLP Expert, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Executive Coach and Expert at Building High Performance Teams

Lucas wants to change the world that we live in by educating our children on financial literacy. His goal is to educate 100 million kids. I interviewed Lucas when he was visiting the Baltimore Washington area for my radio show. He has passion, commitment and the expertise to make this goal a reality. There are many people who talk a good game but Lucas is actually doing it!